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          We offer pain-free imaging experience

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          Welcome! Enjoy personal, convenient and responsive services

          Coming to our clinic, people may be sure that they trust taking care of their health to real specialists.

          Our clinic is a timely diagnosis, consultancy, in-patient care for adults and children, provision of emergency medical care in urgent conditions according to the European standards of diagnostics and treatment. Modern up-to-date equipment allows you to diagnose and identify the risks accurately and timely.

          Regardless of who you are - manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, pensioner, or bank employee, in our clinic, first of all you are a person, who needs help, and we guarantee you specialist care and warm attitude.

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          Medicaid 24/7

          The main goal of our clinic has always been providing exceptional patient care 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

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          Hookup between clinics

          The clinic collaborates with the treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of near and far abroad.

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          Qualified doctors and medical staff

          In order to work in our clinic, our physicians have undergone a lengthy selection process.

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          Medical Diagnostic Center ensures comprehensive health care for its patients

          – the examination of a wide variety of health conditions


          I wanted to say your center exceeded my expectations on my recent visits.

          — Kimberly Henderson

          Offering personal, convenient and responsive services

          We are committed to excellent and complete patient care

          Urgent care

          Ambulance service staff is able to provide emergency medical care under a variety of conditions.

          Diagnostic laboratory

          Laboratory constantly develops its services and this allows patients to obtain all necessary results quickly and be confident in their quality.

          Vascular studies

          Vascular studies are a noninvasive procedure used to assess the blood flow in arteries and veins.